The latest Sateon Access Control update adds even greater functionality and compatibility.


Hardware Integration

The access control system boasts integration with a growing list of hardware, and with release 2.8 Sateon can now seamlessly communicate with Galaxy Intruder and Simplex fire panels along with Aperio wireless lock systems. Adoption of wireless electronic locks will continue to grow rapidly as end users become familiar with the benefits they offer and Sateon 2.8 now opens integrators to this market. These systems can be quickly and cheaply installed, avoiding the need for extensive wiring and offer the potential to use smart phones as access keys via NFC.

The rapid feature development on Sateon has led to increasing upgrade demand from users to our Janus legacy system. Thanks to the intuitive migration tool within Sateon 2.8 it now takes just a few clicks to upgrade these customers, presenting additional business opportunities.

Secure login

Sateon allows system managers and security staff to login on any PC or Mac via a secure portal, eliminating the need for additional software. This saves set-up time and server space for IT departments, whilst still providing a slick interface and comprehensive features.

Its powerful design supports a wide range of tasks, from monitoring visitor movements in real-time, to producing custom management reports and setting automatic alarm protocols such as automatically focusing CCTV cameras on the source of the alert. These features make the software an attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes.


Grosvenor Technology prides itself on it’s commitment to continual development of the Sateon product.