Security Buyer Vox Pop 2015

“When Grosvenor Technology began 25 years ago, we could only imagine how sophisticated security technology would become.

One of the most important changes I’ve seen is the integration of security technology into other functional aspects of organisations. 25 years ago, access control meant limiting areas of a building that personnel could access. Today our Sateon Enterprise access control systems go way beyond that – they are integrated with Human Resources, third party databases, FM and even support Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

On an industry level, the route to market has changed dramatically. Installation was once a specialist trade, but there’s now more of a ‘butcher, baker and candlestick maker’ offer. With so many companies competing in the same space, margins for traditional NSI and SSAIB affiliated installers are getting squeezed.

The professional installers that we partner have voiced their frustrations and that’s why we’ve decided to tackle the issue head on by launching Sateon Pro – a mid-tier product with huge benefits to both the professional installer and end user. We only work with NSI and SSAIB approved companies; and we offer our partners unique benefits, such as a UK based technical support and a lifetime hardware guarantee. We’ve also pledged never to publish prices because our partners told us they find it hugely frustrating to be competing against auction sites. Although we are very much a C21st company, with technology at our heart – we believe in traditional values and loyalty to our installation partners.”


Andy Rainforth, Sales and Marketing Director, Grosvenor Technology