Provision of access control to secure the building; without staff physical presence.


Sateon Pro offered Hill Street Youth & Community Centre a solution which allowed them to schedule an individual’s access to the building and accurately monitor the centre’s usage.

When the Hill Street Youth and Community Centre in Rugby, Warwickshire was threatened with closure in March 2012, the local community and business owners quickly joined forces to rally for its survival.

An independent charity – Hill Street Youth and Community Centre Association – was formed and the group set about securing funding and restoring the centre to ensure that its vital services could still be offered to the local community.

A key element of the Centre’s restoration was ensuring that the building could be properly secured. With the centre open seven days a week from 9am to 11pm and limited staff availability, a solution that didn’t require the presence of a staff member to secure the building was extremely important.

Once a WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd) grant was secured, local security contractor Status Alarms suggested that Hill Street should install automatic doors, CCTV and use one of the leading access control systems available in the UK – Grosvenor Technology’s Sateon Pro. The installation of Sateon Pro has meant that centre staff can control who enters the building within any given time frame through use of the Time Scheduling feature, without them having to be on site. This has allowed for significant time savings and reduced staffing costs, while the easy to use system has given staff the ability to accurately monitor the centre’s usage. The fact that an affordable but state-of-the-art security access control system has been fitted has also given reassurance to centre leaders, users and to local residents; and the site is secure despite there being fewer staff to monitor security.

Hill Street’s Centre Manager Grant Duncan commented on the difference that effective access control has made to the centre, and to his team’s work life balance.

“Two years down the line, Hill Street is now recognised as a great asset to the local community. Putting access control in place has meant that we have been able to extend our opening hours, content in the knowledge that we still know exactly who has access to the building. Not having to physically ‘lock-up’ at 11pm at night saves us both time and money; being protected by Sateon Pro gives us all peace of mind and is worth its weight in gold.”