Sateon 2.10 has been designed to increase efficiency and productivity for both integrators and end users, with the help of a brand new installer and Advance Search feature.


Improved Installer

The development of the new installer, SateonSetup.exe, has led to a streamlined installation process, especially for those installing more complex systems. By introducing one interface that supports both Express installation and Custom installation, the process has become more flexible. Existing sites can also be modified without having to re-enter previously populated data, meaning a lot of time is saved.

Advanced Search

The new Advanced Search feature is perfect for finding specific personnel records that match precise criteria, multiple clauses can be set up to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, you can search for all personnel records where the Department is Technical Support AND the person has a token that is not Enabled. Many companies have thousands of personnel records, so by using this Advanced Search feature, the correct individual can be discovered in much less time.

Other Aspects of the Release Include: 

  • Additional global and user preferences
  • Slick language selection
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