Tailor an access control system to a brand new building open 24 hours a day, with a built in studio and have the system accommodate a large number of freelance workers.


Sateon allows for scheduling all around the clock, and is simple to both add and take away privileges from individuals with just a few clicks.

When you’re developing a state of the art building to host a new TV channel, you need to make sure that you’ve got prime time access control to match.

HochandaHochanda, the brand new 24-hour shopping channel broadcast across Freeview, SKY and Freesat, has been based in Peterborough ever since its founding back in 2015. The office is entirely purpose built and comes with its own TV studio, designed to withstand the rigours of live broadcast.

Hochanda required an access control system that could adapt to their diverse working patterns, without impeding staff. Jeremy Haynes, design surveyor at Sonic Security Services Ltd. was contacted and recommended Grosvenor Technology’s Sateon as his Access Control system of choice.

The most important factor was to be able to cope with the diversity of people registered- the building is host to TV production teams, presenters, administrative staff and the Hochanda call centre, as well as the numerous freelance employees coming in and out on a daily basis, each with their own access requirements. Remarkably, there was no need to factor in permission for any filming crews, thanks to Hochanda’s robotically operated studio working independently of personnel.


“The amount of people coming in and out of Hochanda on any given day makes it difficult to monitor without impeding access,” explained Jeremy Haynes. “What they needed was a smart access control solution that kept their daily lives as streamlined as possible. Sateon was able to grant personalised access to an employee’s designated work area with just a few clicks, while visitors’ passes were granted and rescinded at the touch of a button.”


“Hochanda now have a comprehensive access control system worthy of the forward thinking, technologically savvy media company that they are,”
added Nick Plumb of Grosvenor, “Thanks to Sateon they can monitor time and attendance of staff and contractors and integrate data with third party software such as payroll, allowing for a simpler process, less
administration and reduced cost for all.”