We are pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago (4-7 Oct).

We will be showcasing a new selection of Human Capital Management products, including technology focused on keeping employees ever connected with their companies and capable of adapting to benefit any working environment, regardless of their location. The selection showcases the best of what we have to offer in design, hardware and Professional Services.

The HR Expo will give you an opportunity to preview the GT-10, the latest in our time and attendance range. Built on an Android HTML 5 platform and hosted on robust, secure and dedicated hardware, our new clock can integrate with almost any existing system or HR practice. With the capability to help streamline almost any business requirement that can be conceived, from hotels to airports, to banks and building sites, our latest addition promises to be a game-changer for both hardware and software capabilities, allowing communication and management of employees to take place on just one device.

We will also be launching Alliance, our partnership programme, designed to reward Software Partners, with more than just loyalty rebates and plaques. The programme complements customers’ existing commercial, technical and marketing resources, creating profitable opportunities for both parties.

Last but not least is the new, customizable IT11 clock, our most compact and resilient unit that is returning with a broad range of customisable features, including a dark grey durable casing and personalized inlays to reflect corporate identity.

Attend the HR Technology Conference & Expo and you can be among the first to try out our new range of products and will receive one to one tailored advice for Partners and End Users alike.

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