Introducing the GT-10 Identi-Hub

Grosvenor Technology, suppliers of Human Capital Management solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations is pleased to announce the launch of the GT-10 Identi-Hub, an Android time clock with a difference.

Building upon over two decades of time and attendance know-how, the GT-10 Identi-Hub has been developed with today’s increasingly mobile-centric human capital management solutions in mind. Able to support native Android Apps and web-based HTML5 content, the GT-10 Identi-Hub allows employers to deliver a diverse set of App-based employee self-service, time and attendance and human resources management functionality across the entire workforce from a single platform via both mobile and dedicated fixed terminals.

Operating on the Android 6 OS, GT-10  is a robust and dedicated, multi-user terminal able to support a range of card reader and biometric user authentication devices. Existing Android or browser-based HTML5 Apps can quickly and easily be enhanced to take advantage of GT-10’s range of modular hardware and user authentication options. This allows development time and cost for human capital management software providers to be dramatically reduced; complete solutions to be delivered to market more quickly and more profitably; and without the necessity for time-consuming and costly bespoke integration work.

HR First

Featuring a high-resolution, 10-inch, multi-touch display, the GT-10 Identi-Hub provides the opportunity for a rich and intuitive user experience that allows apps to deliver their full potential while supporting so much more than simply clocking in or booking holidays. Staff can be empowered and engaged by delivering up to the minute corporate news, motivational messages, videos and even training modules using its onboard media and web connectivity capabilities.transparent-background-gui-2, android time clock

Intended for use in high-traffic, professional environments, GT-10’s robust casing, toughened glass screen and industrial-grade Quad Core processor means performance and durability come as standard out of the box. And installation is made simple with the option for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and connectivity via Ethernet or dual-band Wi-Fi.

A range of integrated modular identification and authentication options – including proximity and smart card readers, barcode and magnetic swipe card readers and biometric fingerprint scanning ensure GT-10 can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer requirements to suit an existing estate or evolving security requirements in the future.

All this means distance and cost no longer need to be factors in engagement with employees who do not have access to mobile devices and services, thanks to the ability to offer the same employee experience company-wide, regardless of whether you sit in the board room or drive-through.

…Then Onwards to Additional Revenue Opportunities

Potential applications for the GT-10 range further than just the HR department. Advanced hardware, reduced development cost, plus support from Grosvenor’s Professional Services Team opens Software Partners to new potential market’s additional revenue streams. GT-10 can improve customer service and reduce cost wherever user identification, information, and interaction form part of a process, for instance in applications as diverse as hotel check out, upgrading rental cars or maintaining operational efficiency.

Where to Start?

GT-10 is being launched initially in Developer Took Kit form, which includes everything needed to assist app developers interested in developing and integrating native Android or HTML5 apps for GT-10. The kit includes a fully functioning GT-10, together with a range of readers and communications module accessories. There is also a full set of API documentation and access to technical support from Grosvenor’s product engineering team. Demand for the GT-10 Developer Tool Kit is expected to be high, so we recommend registering your interest by visiting to be the first to capitalise on this exciting new opportunity when they become available in mid November. Once you are registered, a Grosvenor Technology representative will be in touch within the next two working days.

Alternatively, head to for further information.