sateon-advance-logo_flat_coloredCramming over two decades of secure know-how into our latest hardware and software launch.

Grosvenor Technology, developers of industry leading Access Control solutions, have crammed over two decades of know-how into their latest hardware and software launch. Sateon Advance is a next generation range of hardware that utilises Grosvenor’s proven Sateon software platform to provide a seamless Access Control solution.

“We know our commercial proposition works.” Andy Rainforth, Sales and Marketing Director at Grosvenor Technology is keen to emphasise this is not arrogance. “Security installers and systems integrators tell us that they love the fact we don’t sell through distribution and that we only trade directly with NSI and SSAIB approved installers.”

It’s this approach that provides professional installers real differentiation against the unregulated sector of the market. Grosvenor’s customers don’t have to worry about being undercut by low-skilled and low-priced competitors. “We’ve just struck a chord,” summarised Rainforth.

It’s certainly an approach that is proving successful for Grosvenor, who saw sales of their Sateon Access Control platform in 2015/16 grow a staggering 244% from the prior year. The real challenge is how to maintain this impressive growth.

Mark Knight, Grosvenor’s Director of Product, just smiles. “Wait until you see Sateon Advance.”Access Control Solution

Advance features a next-generation range of hardware that utilises Grosvenor’s proven Sateon software platform to provide a seamless Access Control solution. Door ‘blades’ ‘Blade’ door controllers snap into single or multi-blade controller chassis for rapid and flexible deployment with where up to 8 doors being can be wired back to just one a single chassis. Sateon Advance represents a gear change not just for Grosvenor Technology, but for the Access Control sector generally.

Knight continues “Advance has been designed with our customers’ long-term needs strategic roadmap in mind. While we’ve delivered, so even though it’s got innovative features that can be immediately deployed implemented immediately, such as support for IP,  and RS-485 and and POE+ power as standard, it’s this futureproofing that really exciting. We’ve packed advanced technology into every controller that can be enabled with future software updates to ensure our new controllers Sateon Advance will continue to lead the market for years to come it’s what the controllers will allow us to do with the technologies we will be rolling out in the future that’s really exciting.”

“The access control market can be a strange place.” Rainforth adds. “Even though professional installers understand it’s not commercially wise to buy over-distributed products, as its diminishes their profits, many continue to do this through habit. We knew we needed something significantly better than what’s already out there if we were going to break these buying habits. I think we’ve achieved that. This hardware is truly impressive.”

If the hardware is a revolution, the software is more evolutionary. Sateon 3.0 is the latest version of Grosvenor’s home-grown software and now comes with the Quick Start tool, designed configure a door in just 90 seconds. It’s their most intuitive, smoothest and quickest experience yet.

The result is a solution that provides utter simplicity and yet true scalability. Advance is perfect for 1 and 2 door simple sites, yet capable enough for global enterprise estates.

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