Sateon 3.2.1

Although not the largest of updates, Sateon 3.2.1 comes with a couple of new and valuable features alongside enhancements underpinning our dedication to providing an efficient solution.

Power Options

Support for those opting for an external battery with a run-time that’s longer than our integrated battery.

Trace Feature

Sateon 3.2.1 is introducing the Trace feature which is an improvement over the Watches feature, allowing for a more comprehensive risk management approach for systems administrators.

Enhancement to Existing Features

Among the above new features, there are also a series of enhancements to the existing quick start application Covering areas such as remembrance of the last server used, a firmware auto update and controller diagnostics.

Performance Enhancements & Fixed Issues

Sateon 3.2.1 also arrives with several enhancement and fixes that have been reported in earlier versions that are in-line with our continued support for our systems.

Please download the attached patch notes here for detailed information covering the launch of Sateon Advance 3.2.1.
SATEON 3.2.1 Release Notes