Dale Kaszycki, Group Marketing Manager has reasons to be cheerful when it comes to truly frictionless Bluetooth access control via your smartphone.

It’s always good to check in with the captains of industry from time to time, just to verify you are on the correct path. Last week it felt as if the press was doing that job for me when I read two articles that put Grosvenor Technology in the same echelon as two tech Goliaths- Apple and Tesla. I’m using artistic license here but please bear with me.

The first article published by The Guardian covered the much-anticipated launch of Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3. As you are probably aware, the Model 3 offers much to be excited about as long as you don’t miss the cacophony of acceleration under your right foot. The list of innovations includes no instruments, just a lone touchscreen, autopilot, and 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds. But it was The Guardian’s opening title that drew my attention most. ‘Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have a key – and seven other things we learned’- So mobile, frictionless entry is something that is being adopted by the most forward thinking of automotive upstarts? Plus it’s security that’s the key takeaway (No pun intended) from Samuel Gibbs’ article. It just goes to show that the days of fumbling around for your keys are numbered and is bolstered by the fact that 20% of all credentials are predicted to be smartphone based by 2020, creating an opportunity to sell frictionless Bluetooth access control via mobile phones to 136 million people. But my validation and benchmarking do not stop there.

Business Insider UK detailed Apple’s custom badge reader patent filing which is destined for their 175-acre Apple Park in California. It’s an update on a patent Apple filed for an NFC and Bluetooth supported door reader earlier this year. Of course, Apple was never going to fix a boring piece of black plastic to a Norman Foster designed campus, but I was surprised to see that the patent filing required the employee to take their phone out of their pocket, unlock it and present it to the reader. I expected more from the same people that put 1,000 songs in my pocket.

This tells me the following- Firstly Grosvenor Technology’s product pipeline is healthy and is a fast follower behind the disruptive innovators who will change the way we go about our daily lives. Secondly, it is reassuring to see that we will be offering innovations that will deliver a truly frictionless experience at the door. No fumbling for keys and no spilled coffee.
If you are interested in what innovations are just around the corner or want to capitalise upon the 136 million people who will want to unlock their door with their phone, comment on LinkedIn or contact us and we can help fulfill this burgeoning market together.