After more than 25 years of loyal and exemplary performance, Janus is retiring from service.Janus access control,

It’s had a great run. When Janus was launched over 25 years ago it was the world’s first Windows © based access control platform. It was adopted in its Siteguard and NTEC guises by the industry’s largest installation companies. It went on to protect some of the world’s most prestigious organisations and was installed in over 10,000 sites globally.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Microsoft’s withdrawal of support for the Windows variant that Janus operates on has made it increasingly difficult to sustain, but what has finally sealed Janus’ fate is the unprecedented popularity of its successor; Sateon.

As a result, from October 1st 2017 Grosvenor Technology is classifying Janus as a legacy product, ceasing development for the Janus platform and altering the way we support existing installations.

Janus has taken this decision with good grace (and so have we). We will continue our celebrated Janus / Sateon Upgrade path for 12 months passed this date – so any clients who currently remain on the Janus platform will have access to a cost-effective migration and take advantage of a host of features only available in our later platform.

Any clients that choose to remain on Janus past this point (and it has some very ardent supporters) will still be able to gain support through our new Janus Extended Support Agreement.

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