When we launched Grosvenor Technology’s Partner Charter in 2015, we created a series of pledges designed to give Grosvenor Installers the edge in an industry that sometimes struggles to maintain margins and standards.

We only deal directly with Security Installers, meaning we can avoid distributor margin and pass the savings on to our Partners. It also means we ensure our products are installed by NSI and SSAIB affiliated professionals who maintain standards and margins for a job well done.

We knew that dealing direct, along with our five other principles had struck a chord with installers and integrators when we saw a ten-fold increase in Sateon Access Control sales. However, we never knew just how much it meant to our customers. Which is why we would like to take this opportunity to say sorry- we got something wrong.

When we struck a deal to supply an OEM access control solution to a third-party manufacturer we never thought it would be so popular or marketed by others in such a way that would draw parallels with our own product offering and cause the industry to think others are distributing the same product on our behalf. This confusion also caused our partners to question whether we still stand by our charter.

Which is why we are removing any room for doubt and withdrawing our ‘lite’ OEM variant from sale and dissolving the supply chain agreement in question. We listened to your concerns and confusion and we’ve responded accordingly. Grosvenor Technology develops access control solutions that reduce installation time, hassle and cost for Security Installers, through direct supply and UK-based support -and we hope this announcement affirms that this won’t be changing that anytime soon.

Thanks for your feedback, it allows us to better support you.