• Siteguard support withdrawn.


  • Simple upgrade to Sateon.
  • Generated additional recurring revenue.

Security integrators -Pafi Ltd. had been carrying out Sateon upgrades for sites running the aging Janus and Siteguard access control platforms ever since their retirement was announced in September 2017. It was during this period they identified a high-security Government site in Leicestershire that was running the aging Siteguard variant of Grosvenor Technology’s legacy access control system. The Berkshire-based integrators had been attracting new customers via the Sateon Upgrade Window for some time, but it was the additional revenue created by just one site that really highlighted the potential of a programme which ends on 1st Oct 2018.

Janus access control,

Pafi found that there were plenty of legacy sites who were unaware that their access control platform’s support was being withdrawn and were surprised with the ease by which they were winning Janus and Siteguard upgrades.

Their continued success was down to a simple pitch, support from Grosvenor’s Professional Services team and a streamlined upgrade process which minimised disruption and cost for their end users. In most cases, there is no need for existing Janus/Siteguard customers to replace existing hardware, and the process of upgrading is now quicker than ever before thanks to the new Sateon Migration Tool which is designed to make the transition simple.

The Upgrade path has given us an opportunity to find new customers and new revenue with ease. In fact, the upgrade process was so smooth for all involved at this particular site, that it meant we were awarded a contract to maintain their CCTV, Intruder, and Fire Panels when it came up for tender.

Sateon utilised all existing Siteguard hardware and its powerful Microsoft SQL back-end also offers excellent two-way communication with a wide range of third-party databases. This has allowed the estate to automate several previously time-consuming processes such as transferring civilian and military I.D photos from the main record management system into the access rights database.

Sateon provides a slick, highly intuitive interface which can be accessed from any browser via a secure portal. This eliminates the time-consuming process of installing software on every PC or Mac, allowing department staff to be granted access to the system at the click of a mouse.

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