1989 was quite a year for British firsts. Nigel Mansell won the Brazilian Grand Prix in his debut race for Ferrari. Nick Faldo clinched a sudden death playoff not only to win his first US Masters but to become the first English winner of the coveted green jacket. Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for what became the World Wide Web.

For balance against this year of great achievements, Jive Bunny released their debut album and went on to score two number one hits. I never said it was all good news. And in this memorable year of ‘firsts’, a small independent British manufacturer, Grosvenor Technology, released the world’s first Access Control system that operated in a Microsoft Windows environment. Janus was born.

Janus quickly became the Access Control system of choice for end users and installers alike; installed in huge numbers at home and across the globe. It was adopted by Tyco’s ADT as an OEM, under the guise of Siteguard and as such, became the Access Control system that many apprentice engineers ‘cut their teeth’ on.

At its peak, each year saw Janus and Siteguard systems installed in the thousands but in recent years this industry veteran has been feeling its age. Time stands still for no-one and technology shifts have meant that just shy of its 30th birthday it’s time for Janus to hang up its readers. In layman’s terms, Microsoft no longer provides Windows in a 32-bit version, the platform needed to run the Janus 16-bit application. This means that in most cases, a Janus or Siteguard system is as vulnerable as the specific server or PC that it runs on.

For anyone that wants a more detailed description of the technical challenges that have led to our decision to retire Janus please follow this link.

So What?

Remember all those thousands of systems I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Well, I have a confession to make – we don’t know where they all are. Some of these systems have been upgraded and some have been replaced. Some of them may have just slipped down the back of the sofa. BUT – here’s the important bit – many more are just sitting there, doing what they’ve always done and that’s where you come in. We know this number to be in the thousands and every one of them is a revenue opportunity for installers and integrators. Consider it your prize in the ‘Where’s Janus’ competition.

Grosvenor has seen extraordinary success with its current Access Control platform Sateon, which has seen 58% CAGR over the last 4 years. Some of this growth has been driven by our celebrated Janus to Sateon Upgrade Path. This programme has assisted installers take-over existing legacy Janus or Siteguard systems and bring them onto a contemporary and proven platform. Not only does this ensure continuity of service for end users and eliminate operational risk, it creates new recurring revenue opportunities for integrators and installers and leads to further sales leads. Some installers have found that an initial enquiry into an end user’s Siteguard system has resulted not only in an upgrade of the Access Control system, but a complete take-over of all the associated Security and Fire systems.

To read a case study of this type of example in a real-life scenario please follow this link.

Act Now

Time is running out to take advantage of the Janus-Sateon Upgrade Path. Registration for Janus and Siteguard systems to be part of this subsidised programme ends on Oct 1st.

Janus systems are becoming more difficult, complex and expensive for Grosvenor to support and therefore systems not registered for upgrades to Sateon by Oct 1st will need an Extended Support Agreement to continue to gain access to our technical teams.
Every existing Janus and Siteguard system is a genuine opportunity for incremental revenue, but they must be acted on in the next few weeks if this is to be realised. We can supply case studies, technical documentation and marketing material to explain the situation to end users and we can assist ‘in the field’ to convert any systems you find.

Click here to find out more or call 01279 838000, but please do it soon…

Andy Rainforth
Managing Director