…we’ve been doing it for 30 years.

In 1989 Grosvenor Technology, part of Newmark Security, introduced the world’s first access control system that operated in a Microsoft Window’s environment. Our remote data-protection solutions have subsequently helped companies throughout the world and now 30 years later data has become the new oil.

At Grosvenor Technology we’ve been closely monitoring this shift, witnessing the huge increase in customer demand for services supporting it, which is, I must say, even more prevalent now. And, as you can imagine, we’ve not allowed ourselves to sit back and miss opportunities.

At the cutting edge

From our inception, we have designed and manufactured state-of-the-art edge devices that capture user data at various endpoints for clients from a broad spectrum of industries. It’s this vast domain experience that allows us to speak with authority on management and distribution of data in a highly efficient and secure way.

Today, the proliferation of edge devices able to capture user data has raised many questions about the legality and regulations surrounding what’s known as personally identifiable information (PII). Although this information is shared, ownership of that data has, quite rightly, been redefined of late, both sides of the Atlantic. The reform we have seen with GDPR across Europe, and also at a State by State level in the U.S., has meant a sharp refocus for many companies on the management of that data.

What does the future hold? 

In three words, Restrictions, Regulations and Opportunity. Coming from an industry used to managing ‘people data’, the fatigue users now have with the misuse of this ‘new oil’ has become apparent. Trust is the essential ingredient, and our customers tell us we have earned it. Working with these partners throughout the world, we have been developing pioneering technology that ensures they can continue to use PII to enhance their own services, whilst protecting an individual’s information.

The importance of this was highlighted to me during a recent visit to the U.S., where I became aware of an emerging trend in Human Capital Management. This has involved several high-profile companies being investigated for misuse of personal data with one currently the subject of a class action.

I will be covering in further detail exactly how we have been helping our partners to overcome these threats in forthcoming pieces.

Marie-Claire Dwek, CEO for Newmark Security.