Sustainability has been front of mind at Grosvenor Technology for decades. We build products that last and platforms that can reduce a building’s energy consumption. But clearly, we are not doing enough. Although the effects of human-made climate change have been felt throughout the world for many years, the horrifying devastation seen in Australia seems to have made the world sit up and take stock.

Davos has already been and gone this year. Listening to the various speakers, while there are many advocates for change, progress needs to be faster. As we await sweeping reform from our governments we, as both business leaders and citizens, must look internally and improve where we can. We are responsible for our behaviour and what we represent as organisations.

This is what Grosvenor Technology have been doing:

For all products we carefully consider how power consumption can be minimised during the design, influencing the choice of components and architecture. Fundamental to the system architecture design of any product is the ability to monitor, diagnose and remedy issues remotely. This reduces and offer negates the need for unnecessary engineer site attendance and related carbon emissions. At Grosvenor we have a strong track record of maintaining compatibility with our legacy products so as software moves on there is no necessity to replace existing hardware.

With both staff and customers throughout the world, travel is an inevitable part of doing business. As well as choosing rail travel where possible, we have recently invested in improved online business communication tools further reducing fossil fuel consumption.

This is what Grosvenor are doing next:

I have recently launched an internal project to investigate energy efficiency at every level within our business. We are reviewing all vendors and analysing the footprint of our entire supply chain. Finally, for now, we are researching an offsetting programme connected to our industry and would welcome engagement from local organisations looking for support in this endeavour.


Marie-Claire Dwek, CEO for Newmark Security.