As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know a lot of people are understandably reluctant to use contact-based authentication methods such as fingerprint readers, hand-scanners, or even swipe cards readers when interacting with timeclocks. 

With this in mind, what can you do to make your data collection terminals safer – as the world economy opens up and employees return to work? Grosvenor Technology has several touchless options to ensure the safe use of its timeclocks.


Whatever terminal you currently use, we can provide a diverse range of card technologies and facial recognition solutions to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, all our class-leading timeclocks have a proximity card interface as standard and these modules can easily be installed retrospectively. 

Adding a contactless functionality is a fast, simple and effective way at eliminating physical contact. As we anticipate market trends, demands, and remain at the heart of innovative clocking solutions, we will continue to help keep your employees safe and your data secure.

You can view all of our technical data sheets and product specification here

You can learn more about our approach to Touchless and Facial recognition in this case study involving one of our US clients that have adopted this new technology.

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We set out initially to come up with an industry-leading facial recognition clock that was accurate, that was reliable and we did that.