Like all business leaders, I have also been challenged with organising our remote teams to return to work. We were incredibly fortunate to have an existing infrastructure to support remote working and therefore, have been able to operate at full capacity throughout lockdown successfully. Albeit, we’ve come to learn after many months of back-to-back conference calls and increased email volume that as social beings, we all require face to face meetings occasionally!

As the ‘new normal’ begins to emerge, what technology can we leverage to get Britain back to work? Thankfully, we have the products to support this.

We have seen many ‘back to work’ plans which discuss reducing capacity and managing teams into ‘shifts.’ At a practical stance, this could be viewed to be arduous to manage, unless you incorporate your Access Control system into your design. With over 30 years of experience in securing access to buildings, we have tested solutions to manage occupancy levels of staff, thus being able to restrict access at certain times in a day to users. Our product can integrate with many third-party systems, from temperature sensors to Microsoft Teams, where shift patterns can be managed and controlled via the Access Control system.

We have maintained a full team of sales, customer service and training throughout lockdown who are available to speak to you today. We have taken a practical and cogent approach to Access Management functions as an inherent element in most systems. You may not be a customer of ours right now, but we are more than happy to have a conversation with you so feel free to get in touch!


Marie-Claire Dwek

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You can lean on us for our experience, as this is something we are all facing together