Considering how vital access control is becoming within our offices, we thought that it was not only time to speak more about Janus C4, but break down everything you want to know. Here are the top 12 reasons why our new Janus C4 access control system has been so successful and has gained such a strong market share in such a short space of time.

  1. Janus C4 can integrate with leading electronic security products, software to software, including:
  • Honeywell Galaxy – Intruder alarm integration
  • Texecom – Intruder alarm integrationa
  • Hikvision – CCTV integration
  • Dahua – CCTV integration
  • Avigilon CC6 & CC7 – CCTV integration
  • Aperio– Wireless locks integration
  1. This means that you can build a very cost-effective, fully integrated security management solution from scratch, or by using existing onsite electronic security systems. This means your access control solutions have a wide scope to be tailored to your needs.


  1. The Janus C4 Advance Controllers are designed to be modern and modular. The way they have been designed means that you can control up to 8 doors using only one controller, taking up less wall space and requiring less infrastructure such as network points and fused spurs. The controllers are also IP and RS485 compatible as well as 12v dc or POE(+) compatible, meaning your access control is scalable. It can be personalised to your own requirements and has an 8:1 ‘doors managed from a single unit’ ratio in comparison to our competitors, creating great cost savings with a simpler installation process.


  1. Janus C4 is provided by us, Grosvenor Technology, a UK company, direct from the UK with 40+ years of experience. Janus C4 is only sold through approved partners and not distribution, meaning service is always personable and reliable. There is also more opportunity to differentiate with a market-leading product at a very competitive price point.


  1. Janus C4 integrates with CCTV, meaning you can not only just add cameras to maps of your office layout but also link your cameras to doors, enabling a view of recorded footage in the case of any door events. You can also view live and other recorded video of cameras, create advanced ‘cause and effects’ using Janus C4’s Automatic Actions and arm/disarm cameras with motion detection from a single point within the Janus C4 platform.


  1. Janus C4 can integrate with your intruder alarm. You can add intruder devices to maps, set and unset the intruder alarm (or individual areas), omit and un-omit detectors, manage the intruder alarms users and PIN codes, create advanced ‘cause and effects’ using Janus C4’s Automatic Actions and link CCTV cameras to intruder detectors, allowing the viewing of CCTV footage closest to the detector that went into alarm from a single point within the Janus C4 platform.


  1. Janus C4 is reader agnostic – Janus C4 can work with any standard Wiegand readers allowing you to choose the readers best suited to the install, or for legacy site upgrades using existing readers and cards saving time and money. Janus C4 also fully supports Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) readers from leading manufacturers, offering more choice and more security, giving you the option to choose the form factor and level of security needed, from world-leading reader manufacturers.


  1. Janus C4 lift Control Use Janus C4’s lift control functionality to control or restrict access to floors and/or call lifts without physical contact, using one of our Multi-blade controllers you can control up to 26 floors, giving you touchless access throughout your building.


  1. Janus C4 delivers strong user security and audit trails, – The Janus C4 software allows you to fully customise user permission per login, meaning each user can be given access to certain parts of your security system and integrations. Janus C4 also offers customisable password policies and complexity, with each failed login delaying the ability to try again. This protects your user accounts from being hacked. Janus C4 also offers an idle monitoring option to make sure any cards and/or PINs can be automatically disabled after a configured period of inactivity, making sure your buildings access credentials have a safe lifespan, ensuring the security of the building.


  1. Janus C4 Occupancy control – The Covid 19 pandemic has reinforced how important the occupancy limit features within Janus C4 are. With not only the need to keep employees safe and keep your office secure but also help with social distancing and introducing touchless entry points, Janus C4 is a revolution in access control. With the regional count system within Janus C4 you can track and monitor staff in certain areas and create Automatic Actions to stop entry to a region where the occupancy is deemed too high. Using highly secure Smartcard technology,  fobs, automatic door integrations, QR codes, Mobile Bluetooth technology and integrations to control access, Janus C4 can make entering and exiting the building safer and contactless.


  1. Janus C4’s Active Directory integration – By pulling staff details directly from the Active Directory server and allowing single sign-in processes with windows authentication, Janus C4 can complete safer, quicker and more secure data transfers, reducing the time, cost and risks that come along with manual entry.


  1. Janus C4 provides full ‘Visual Mapping to view one, or multiple sites in one place from a single location, allowing control of all aspects of your access control and events, alerts, alarms and integrated Intruder alarms, CCTV cameras and wireless locks.
  2. Janus C4 certified training – Finally, we want to discuss the training that comes along with Janus C4. We are proud to offer free certified commissioning, integration, OSDP and system design training courses relevant for our partner base conducted by our well experienced and qualified trainers. Our many courses can be delivered online, at our training facility in Poole, or hosted at your own premises. We can also offer ‘custom’ training courses and also have a large base of training materials, online materials, manuals, quick guides and tutorial videos available to ensure any training needs are met.