We have heard the phrase ‘back to work’ a lot in recent months, but what could that mean in collaboration with access control?

When it comes to keeping your office secure and staff members safe, access control can not only monitor occupancy limits and enforce them within given areas, but also be installed easily and expanded to the company’s needs. With Janus C4, not only do you have the option of using legacy hardware, meaning you can upgrade your access control systems quickly and easily. You can avoid long delays when returning to the office by utilising existing access control cards and readers and other assets.

To help explain more about how Janus C4 can assist with day to day workplace interactions and access control, we have created janusC4.com, an interactive experience that takes you through a day interacting with Janus C4 access control. From leaving your front door, daily coffee, entering your building, meetings and social distancing in the office the website show’s the ins and outs of access control in the modern world. It includes occupancy control, lift control, scheduling and door alarms and so much more.

Click the link here to check out the website today and learn more about day to day life with Janus C4.