One of the main benefits of Janus C4 is the flexibility you have when it comes to personalisation, growing your system and maintaining your access control via software to software integrations.

Firstly, not only can Janus C4 integrate with a number of leading CCTV systems, meaning you can link cameras to doors to assist buildings safety. You can also issue time/event-based automatic actions from a singular location to all cameras. It can also help reduce unnecessary touchpoints and overcrowding in the office,

Another integration includes being able to add and control wireless locks to assist with the buildings safety and occupancy limits. Also again, you can control them all from one singular location.

There is also our deep software Active Directory Integration, which allows the addition of persons quickly and easily to the system. This assists with fast and secure programming. You can also add cards and system login details through the integration.

Janus C4 users can also set and unset intruder alarm areas based on the areas occupancy level, meaning it is easy to both control security social distancing boundaries. You are also able to issue time/event-based automatic actions from one location to connected devices

One of the largest benefits of Janus C4 and the integrations is that all the powerful and dynamic integrations we have spoken about above, can be achieved through software to software integrations with leading products, with no relays or inputs/outputs required. The CCTV benefits can be achieved through integrating with Hikvision, Dahua and Avigilon, the wireless locks can be completed using Aperio products. Galaxy and Texecom work seamlessly with Janus to ensure intruder alarms and the earlier Active Directory can be achieved with our own software to software integration.

Overall the integration capabilities with Janus C4 and the ability to integrate with many of the industry’s leading security products, make it immensely versatile and powerful, allowing you to customise your access control to your needs.