Access control can be an incredibly powerful asset for you and your employees. We do understand that there may be concerns about the ease of installation and the space available and Grosvenor are here to put those concerns to rest.

Janus C4 has been created to be incredibly adaptable and modular in design. You can use the versatility of Janus C4 easily to your advantage, due to its modular and intuitive hardware. It has been designed so you are able to control up to 8 doors with a single controller, meaning that you require less hardware for your office, as well as saving money and on time to install.

When it comes to the installation, they require a very small amount of square footage and can be installed in a cost-effective and space effective way. Also when it comes to installing the Janus C4 hardware, Grosvenor is very consultative. We pride ourselves in helping you plan out the needed hardware based on your office environment

Due to the large number of capabilities within a single unit, there is also only one central place for all repairs and updates. Because our hardware uses blades that can function individually, you can also be very flexible with plans to add and remove doors and this can be done using minimal time and cost.

Overall Janus C4 is the answer to many of our established and modern access control needs as well as the ones that present themselves in this new microbe-aware workplace and its modular design and ease of installation reflects that.