We want to make sure that anyone who uses Janus C4 gets so much more than just door alarms and key fobs. Janus C4 offers an intuitive Access Control solution that integrates with a wide range of leading security manufacturers.

Our Honeywell Galaxy Intruder integration allows users to:

  • set, unset and reset the intruder alarm (and Alarm Groups within)
  • be alerted to triggered detectors and outputs
  • create ‘Automatic Actions’ from events generated by Honeywell
  • have the intruder devices represented on a map for ease of use.

Honeywell is a market leading solution provider of Intruder Alarms. The company’s portfolio includes a full range of Intruder panels and detectors with wired, wireless or hybrid solutions.

Some of the features of the Galaxy Intruder alarm when integrated with Janus C4 include:

  • Allows detectors to be controlled (inhibited and uninhibited).
  • Allows AREAS to be controlled (arm, disarm and reset).
  • Alarms are generated on armed areas, any 24/7 zones and panic alarms.
  • Allows areas to be added to the mapping interface, including animated icons.
  • Allows areas states and events to be used by the automatic actions system.
  • It can, if required, synchronise all user codes across Janus C4 and the Galaxy panel, providing one place to manage codes.

All of these features combine with Janus C4’s other integrations and built-in features, allowing for a well-rounded, robust and effective Access Control solution that is customised to your needs.