When it comes to Janus C4, one of the most important features is the ability to integrate with various leading security devices. Today we want to shine a light on one of the many CCTV integrations we provide, Hikvision CCTV, what it does, and how it seamlessly works with Janus C4.

Hikvision is a world-leading solution and product provider of CCTV. The company’s product portfolio includes a full range of cameras, CCTV recorders (NVR’s and DVR’s), DVR and NVR storage and monitors. The Hikvision integration into Janus C4 allows users within Janus C4 to view live and historical footage, take snapshots, download footage, create ‘Automatic Actions’ and represent the cameras on a map for ease of use.


To further elaborate, some of the features included with the Janus C4 integration are:

  • The ability to view camera images in real-time from the Janus C4 interface, and view up to 9 CCTV streams as a videowall
  • It enables viewing and downloading of historical camera images, as well as snapshots of live and historical images
  • The integration allows PTZ (Pan tilt zoom) commands on any of the Hikvision PTZ cameras 
  • Allows the Arming and Disarming of cameras as well as allowing the integrations states and events to be used by the Automatic Actions system 
  • Allows the cameras to be represented on a map(s) and the creation of software buttons
  • Allows the linking of cameras to doors to view footage from the door’s events 


Overall Hikvision cameras, when integrated with Janus C4 are an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to view, control and document your access control, your way.

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