When it came to getting our own team back into the office safely, we recognized there was already inherent functionality within Janus C4 that could be utilised to keep staff members safe. Wanting to ensure that our offices are secure and minimise the risk of cross-contamination, we looked at how we could use Janus C4s current features to do this.

Firstly, we decided to ensure that all entry to the building could be touchless. To do so we used already active key fobs to gain entry into the building as well as installing analytical cameras to link with automatic door readers and a touchless intercom system (allowing entry to be permitted by an internal person whilst remaining contactless).

We also installed a thermal camera to be used in the lobby, before continuing to the rest of the building based on a successful reading. Whilst it is not medically accurate, it is not only a great tool in access control but helps assist with the first line of defence against contamination in our office. We also added lift integrations, which allow you to call the lift from your phone and remain touchless. By doing this and using integrations and Optex systems, we can ensure our office is accessible whilst minimising contact.


Installing the Microsoft teams shift was a challenge, however, we worked with Microsoft developers to allow us to schedule the automatic doors to lock and unlock based on when the first and last person is scheduled in teams to be in the office. This is also really helpful as whilst being remote, we have been heavily using teams, so now we can use it in conjunction with access control and can avoid retraining on other scheduling systems.

Overall to entirely replan, install and update our entire access control system, with a reduced installation team to keep within our covid guidelines, took 6 weeks. This speaks to the ease of installation with Janus C4 as even with reduced staff and the intention of entirely renovating our access control, it was completed on time and ready to use when we fully move into the office in the near future.

We are so happy with the precautions that we have taken to keep our office safe and if you would like to do the same, please contact us here.