We want to make sure that anyone who uses Janus C4 gets so much more than door alarms and key fobs. We do this by not only having Janus C4 being an incredibly intuitive tool but also integrating it with a number of leading security devices.

Today we want to discuss how Avigilon CC6 & CC7 integrates into Janus C4 and allows users to view live and historical CCTV footage, take snapshots, link cameras to doors, create ‘Automatic Actions’ and have the cameras represented on a map for ease of use.

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company, designs, develops and manufactures advanced AI, video analytics, network video management software and hardware and surveillance cameras.

Some of the features of their CC6 & CC7 integrations include:

  • Viewing of camera images in real-time and the viewing of historical camera images as well as viewing it as a 9 screen videowall
  • Allows snapshots of live and historical images to be taken from within the Janus C4 interface
  • PTZ (Pan tilt zoom) commands on any of the Avigilon PTZ cameras
  • Allows the cameras to be represented on a map within the Janus C4 software and the creation of software buttons
  • Allows the linking of cameras to doors to view footage from the door’s events
  • Allows the integrations states and events to be used by the Automatic Actions system

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