As restrictions around the pandemic are lifted, companies will come across many challenges as they integrate employees back to the workplace. At Grosvenor Technology we have been working on getting our employees back in the office safely over the past few months, and as integral as our Access Control measures are, there is a lot more involved in getting staff onsite and feeling comfortable.

In our previous blog, we discussed how we enhanced our own Access Control using already available features of our product Janus C4, to help manage occupancy limits and use temperature screening.

In this article, we want to discuss smaller changes we have made to ensure that our staff felt happy. Here are some of the challenges, considerations, and successes we have had during this time of change.

At the start of lockdown, as many companies did, we provided masks, hand sanitiser, desk plexiglass separators and operated on an entirely remote working system unless it was an exceptional case, which had to be approved by two levels of management.

We also focused on keeping our staffs’ morale up, making them feel comfortable, and assisting with remote/hybrid working as much as possible. This included hosting virtual events, such as quizzes, end-of-month online socials, fundraising for individual charities, as well as helping an initiative that provided laptops and computers to local schools to assist with remote learning. We also had a great online Christmas party with large gift boxes posted to all staff and lots of Santa hats.

It was not just Christmas crackers and games that kept staff comfortable though. We conducted multiple surveys with questions ranging from preferred handshake procedures to fitness incentives alongside flexible working and most importantly, how people wish to continue to work. We wanted to learn why people wanted to either work from home, in the office, or a mix of both. As we return to the office slowly, these responses are being taken into account and implemented.

For example, some people may wish to move desks to allow more personal space and room to work. Others are waiting to return under further government guidance and some are simply anxious to get back into the office as quickly as possible.

We are now slowly bringing more staff into the office via a flexible booking system, as well as temporarily shut our kitchen, removing the utensils but still providing recyclable cups and amenities in safer more open areas of the office.

We are also making a conscious effort to get all new starters, who have not been able to spend a day at our workspace, into the office physically to allow them to get used to the environment before a full return is commenced. There will also be a large emphasis put on the synergy between full-time office staff, fully remote team members, and hybrid workers. Meetings will always be encouraged with equal opportunities to attend, both in-person and virtually. Use of thermal screening and minimal CCTV is also in use to ensure guidelines are being adhered to, and we have multiple people handling levels of compliance with Covid guidelines throughout different levels of the company.

Whilst these measures can be challenging, we feel that they have allowed us to keep our staff not only happy but also comfortable with their workplace, productive with their tasks, and passionate about their work.

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