CCTV allows staff to monitor activity within their workplace and any security issues. However, when paired with Access Control, it can assess environments, control door locks, perceive threats, and visually confirm that security protocols are followed.

We develop our intelligent Access Control solution, JanusC4, so that it integrates seamlessly with CCTV providers such as Dahua, Avigilon, Hikvision CCTV, and many others. When it does, it means that not only is CCTV utilised for general security via the use of live camera views, it also means that all door interactions are visually documented.

When integrated with Access Control, CCTV can also assist with remotely checking any triggered alarms or unusual events. Once the footage is checked and the cause has been confirmed, it can be reactivated remotely.

JanusC4 software can be used to remotely manage the CCTV and Access Control from wherever you are, which means that there is no need for a central surveillance hub. JanusC4 uses software to software integration. This means shorter installation times and no network points. JanusC4 can also control doors, lifts and that it caters for touchless entry.

Access Control and CCTV can combine to create a more efficient security solution, and these tools help keep your office and, most importantly, your staff safe.