Access Control doesn’t just make your workplace safer and help ensure the security of your assets. It also is to assist employees and visitors who work in your building. 

We want to break this down and explore some examples of how Access Control can support staff members.

A great example of this is if an alarm is tripped within a retail store. When this happens, the relevant management would typically have to wait in the store for long periods, possibly outside of typical operating hours, until the external alarm company arrives on site to manage the issue. With a full Access Control solution that encompasses door locks, CCTV, office management software, and alarms, that manager could handle the whole event remotely and instantly.

In the case of our Access Control system, Janus C4, they can view a map of the building, see where the alert is coming from, check the footage and then remotely access the locks and take any precautions needed. No more waiting on site!

Access Control can also be helpful to your HR department. Should a staff member lose their physical credential and need to replace it, the office manager can easily de-activate the old credential and replace it, saving time and increasing security. There is also the ability to remove credentials automatically thanks to the Active Directory integration with JanusC4.

Access Control can also be used to assist with security guards and personnel. Not only does it mean they can keep track of the whole environment, but they can also use CCTV and door locks to observe and contain any threats or issues that may arise. This helps them stay efficient and safe while dealing with any problems that could arise.

There is also the ability for Hotels, Airbnb’s, and other public residential spaces to help ensure the safety of their customers and see which doors have been accessed at what time. This means tasks such as checking checkout times, cleaning rooms, delivering room service, and maintenance can be performed with a good indication of who is in the room at the time.

Finally, the next example we want to discuss is how Access Control can assist in managing Factory Sites and Warehouses. For starters, you can restrict access to areas with specialist equipment so that only those who have certified training can access it. This helps to ensure the health and safety standards related to operating tools and machinery and provides against damaging equipment. You can also use it to manage occupancy levels onsite and ensure that all staff and visitors are accounted for, especially on active worksites.

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