When it comes to Access Control there can be a lot of misconceptions around security. We are here to answer those questions and concerns with information about our own technology, JanusC4.

Access Control is very expensive –

Whilst there are costs included in the installation and maintenance of security solutions, due to the large amount of versatility with Access Control, there are prices ranges that can suit businesses of all different sizes. It is very customisable and can be tailored to individual goals, budgets and needs. Also, the money spent on the system is a small investment compared to the possible losses if a theft or break-in occurs.

Access Control is only for Office Spaces –

Thanks to a large number of features available with Access Control and the customisable nature of integrations, it can have features that are relevant to offices, retailers, transport hubs and residential areas. Our JanusC4 solution also has the ability to control up to 8 doors from one controller, meaning that it is very space-efficient for different sized areas

Access Control is clunky and takes a lot of time –

With the ability to control up to 8 doors with a single controller and integrations being available on a software to software basis, (meaning no need for extra network ports or wiring), JanusC4 can be installed with less installation time and without taking up excessive space in offices. The readers are also designed to be sleek as well as fit into working environments.

Access Control is archaic and systems will become obsolete really quickly –

Access Control is becoming a subtle staple all around us and is growing at a vast rate. With the introduction of Facial Recognition, touchless entry and the use of Biometrics, it is continuing to expand and fill the needs of countless businesses and customers. There are also discussions about what the future of Access Control could be every day (you can check out some of our own predictions here

Access Control does not make that much difference –

A good Access Control system has the ability to monitor staff, the workplace environment and keep credentials to access your space up to date. It helps protect your workplace, the items in it and the people who work there every day. A good access control system can be the difference between an employee waiting in a shop for hours after a false alarm, versus an efficient system that can be accessed anywhere and deal with the false alarm immediately. It can be the difference between a non-permitted person entering restricted areas and the difference between your equipment being safe or at risk.

You can also keep track of the activity happening within your business via live and recorded CCTV. There is the ability to view the exact amount of staff and their locations within the workday and most importantly, you can design it to help you. Every business is different and so is their Access Control needs. We hope this has cleared up any concerns you may have had and if you would like to enquire about our JanusC4 system, contact us via the form below, we are more than happy to help.


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