Access Control is prevalent both in our history and within our modern world. When you imagine it, however, you may think of it being used in retail, warehouses, offices and airports. This blog is all about Access Control in places that you may not have considered before.

Firstly, an example of a location that has Access Control everywhere and relies on it heavily is Zoos. Now there is firstly the obvious need for Access Control…there are animals everywhere. Most of the animals need to be kept separate from customers and from other animals for their own safety. Also the ability to control climates, observe enclosures through CCTV and see which keepers and staff are in which areas is invaluable. Also, zoos are very popular with families and having CCTV and security barriers around the area means that in the event of a child being separated from their family, there is a much higher chance of finding them safely and quickly.

Access Control is also largely prominent in theatres and entertainment venues. This is for the use of occupancy and preventing any vandalism or theft. Also when it comes to fire safety, in the event of an alarm, an access solution allows you to make a large scale evacuation of people who have not experienced the venue or drills easier and smoother.

Access Control is also used within storage facilities to manage a large number of different spaces, that all need to be allocated to individual people. These can be key cards, locks, pin numbers and various other forms of identification. It can be easily managed by the person running the facility in one location and can be updated easily, rather than risking losing credentials or allowing an unverified person into a storage space.

Another example of Access Control being utilised in an unexpected place is within Parking structures. Not only is there generally CCTV all over the site for safety, but also entry and leaving is based on a barrier system, meaning everyone is recorded. Vehicle registrations are also taken and many have occupancy monitoring that lets you know how many spaces are currently being used. All of these features can be combined to give staff and operators a great idea of how many people are in a space and have extensive records of the people and vehicles that have visited it.

Overall, we want you to know that Access Control is applicable to a multitude of industries and spaces. If you want to know more about our own Access Control solution, get in touch with us using the contact form below.