This week we want to discuss some of the top tips and tricks we have for security installers to not only gain more business but retain current clients and provide more in-depth solutions.

  • Firstly, go into each project with an open mind, integrations, open APIs, and advances in hardware mean that more unusual demands can be met in a variety of ways. Similarly, if you are unsure, contact hardware and software suppliers for support and opportunities so that you can deliver fully realised solutions.
  • Get certified training in your spare time, both online and in person. The more you can offer when it comes to Access Control, the more likely you are to gain new customers and be able to upgrade current customers. You can even take part in our own free certified training which can be found here
  • When looking at possible Access Control installation projects, make sure to approach companies that may need security but are not in the standard industries you may think of. This can include zoos, high-end residential spaces, entertainment venues and many other industries.
  • Keep longer-lasting relationships and during installation keep in mind what future needs and innovations they could need. What opportunities might there be to upgrade a site to benefit new from new features and bug fixes? Do they have a system that could integrate, such as CCTV or Intruder? These systems can be linked to provide a singular security solution. It is also important to keep in touch with these clients to meet their needs as they evolve.
  • Utilise software that can be updated and used remotely so that you can manage it on your own terms. This means that you can manage multiple systems in multiple sites from one place rather than travelling for every issue. You can then also plan location visits more easily as they would hopefully be less frequent.
  • Our final point is to make sure to centralise door controllers. Installing the units in a single location makes for easier maintenance. Cables can be run considerable distances and alongside versatile and powerful hardware; you and your clients can control it easily from one central location

If you have any more tips and tricks leave them in the comments below or get in touch with any questions you may have.

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