During this unusual time, we want to discuss the longer-term changes that Grosvenor Technology has implemented within the office to help our staff upon their return to the workplace.

Not only have we now returned to the office, but we have returned with a new hybrid working policy. This allows staff members to both stay safe and manage their individual workloads. Also, our Access Control system which was safely upgraded and enhanced whilst in lockdown, allows us to have great security and transparency with our staff.

There were some unexpected developments such as remote technical support and a new company-based portal which came into effect as we opened up again. These changes have been embraced and are now functioning smoothly.

There are certain changes we have made that are still implemented, for example, there are still plexiglass desk separators, available covid lateral flow test on-site and lots of hand sanitiser in the office. We, however, with further staff vaccination and more people in the office, have been able to remove some restrictions. For example, this includes reopening our kitchen fully and being able to hold in-person larger-scale meetings again.

Overall Grosvenor Technology has remained cautious yet optimistic in our approach to opening again for staff. We continue to open up and remove appropriate restrictions with consideration and the employees feedback being important and guiding factors.