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Our People

Meet the team behind Grosvenor Technology

We pride ourselves on the talented individuals that make the Grosvenor difference; from Operations through Sales and Development we work collaboratively to deliver much more than just secure, smart environments.

Andy Rainforth – Managing Director

Andy joined Grosvenor Technology in 2014 as Sales and Marketing Director, and became Managing Director in 2016. He has worked in manufacturing, distribution and installation businesses across CCTV, Intruder and Access Control sectors in a security industry career spanning over 20 years.

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Having worked in a variety of SMEs and for a global blue-chip, he is able to bring an almost unique perspective. He holds an M.B.A. from Manchester University Business School and is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics at the University of London.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

We’re the perfect size business to work in. Big enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, but small enough where we can implement strategy quickly; having the flexibility to adapt to local culture and markets is a real pleasure.

What inspires you?

There’s a quote from the author John Wooden that says “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” That’s what inspires me – when people come together to work for a common cause without playing politics or working their own agendas. I really enjoy working in highly talented teams where you need to perform at a consistently high level just to keep up.

    Colin Leatherbarrow – Technical Director

    As Technical Director for both Human Capital Management and Access Control lines of business, Colin manages a global technical team.



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    Colin has been in the Fire and Security Industry for over 30 years and has enjoyed roles spanning software development, product and service development and ownership of a multi-million pound P&L. He has gleaned experience in smaller, agile organisations, then complemented this with best practice from Multi-National-Corporations when his company was acquired by Chubb Fire and Security and subsequently by the global corporation United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    Without a doubt, working with a diverse group of employees, stakeholders and customers with differing, competing but equally valid perspectives and priorities, and then working openly, positively and collaboratively with that group to bring market-leading products and services to market.

    What inspires you?

    The creative implementation of technology to enhance life on both a personal and business level. Our safety, security, and productivity are all enhanced with the application of technologies developed by businesses such as Grosvenor. Additionally, the pace of positive change driven by technology never fails to both amaze and inspire me.

    When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

    I am very proud to have five wonderful children which have very much been the main focus of my personal time over the last 27 years, however, on the odd occasion I find some spare time I enjoy dancing with my wife; Karen. We are also lucky to live on the footstep of the Jurassic Isle in Dorset, so we regularly walk the Dorset coastline with the odd stop at a pub of course! On a more solitary level, I also enjoy open water swimming, am a bit of petrol head and am constantly experimenting with the latest gadgets including my collection of Raspberry Pi's.

      Eric Dew – Embedded Systems Director

      Eric has worked with Grosvenor for 21 years, having joined as a Director and Shareholder and is now the Embedded Systems Director.

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      Eric has seen the business develop considerably over the past 21 years but says it remains a privilege to work with such an enthusiastic and committed Team.

      Before Grosvenor, Eric had a business called Shearwater Electronics Ltd which developed and manufactured ground-breaking POS electronic controls ending up with an installed base in excess of 10,000 units.

      What do you enjoy most about your job?

      I really enjoy creating products that people can get enthusiastic about.  There is both minute detail and big concepts both of which need to be right and it is great to work at both ends of the spectrum.

      What inspires you?

      Outstanding design, innovation, people and teamwork.

      When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

      I love photography, digital now but still have the old enlarger in the loft. I enjoy being outside and activities like gardening are great for relaxation and getting some air.

      This year I will celebrate 32 years of marriage (despite working for Grosvenor!) and am lucky to have two daughters of who I am immensely proud, both enjoying successful careers. Over the years the family has extended to dogs, cats horses and other assorted pets – all loved apart from the occasional visit of the mole! I enjoy good food and wine. My favourite destinations include Barcelona, the architecture is amazing and the atmosphere vibrant, London, New York, Hong Kong, Tuscany, Switzerland  - I adore travel.

        Alan Burgess – Principal Engineer

        Alan has been working at Grosvenor Technology for nearly 26 years; he is one of the original founders and now works with the team in Stansted as our Principal Engineer.

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        Prior to Grosvenor Alan worked for, amongst others, BAE Systems and BT and so is experienced in telecommunication, computer networks, computer maintenance, electronic and software design and the implementation.

        What do you enjoy most about your job?

        I really enjoy designing and creating the new products and knowing that our products are being used in prestigious places around the world.

        What inspires you?

        I am inspired by the ever-changing technologies we are witness to and how they allow you to do things once only dreamt of.

        When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

        I love to travel and enjoy seeing varied architecture, wildlife and nature. I’ve travelled widely but my favourite places have to be The Alps, Italy and the Caribbean. When I’m not travelling, I have a keen interest in astronomy, cosmology and science project such as space probes, the large Hadron Collider etc.

          Patrick Brennan – Sales Director Europe

          Patrick has spent three years as Grosvenor’s European Sales Manager and was promoted to Director in February 2018.

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          Since joining, Patrick has overseen exponential sales growth in Grosvenor’s Sateon Access Control Platform. His industry experience is complemented by successful tenures at Honeywell Security Group and Pyronix. Patrick is currently completing an Executive M.B.A at CASS Business School in London.

          What do you enjoy most about your job?

          There's a lot I like about my current job, we deal with such a diverse range of customers around the globe. Working at Grosvenor, where we can adapt and react to so many geographical and technical requests keeps the job challenging and immensely rewarding. That feeling of successfully working to bring a new partner onboard brings the team and I massive satisfaction.

          What inspires you?

          Where our industry is headed, and the management team around me all focused on adapting to this digital change. I am also partway through an Executive MBA programme at CASS Business School in London, which is due to be completed in September 2019. I am lucky to have a fun, diverse cohort of all types of industries, who inspire me in every module and project we work on together.

          When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

          Currently, it is not a question of what I would like to do versus what I have to do, which is study! At the end of the process, I hope to get back to movie watching and festival going but for now, that’s on hold! That said, I am enjoying every minute of the MBA, and have made some great friends already.

            Ben Lagden – Head of Embedded Platforms

            Ben is a technologist who leverages the latest trends to drive business strategy, drive revenues and reduce costs via fervid innovation and commercial creativity.

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            He is also an enthusiastic listener and keen orator who is passionate about enhancing communications and collaboration to build solutions tailored to client specifications, loyal customer bases and dedicated teams.

            His career in Human Capital Management started with Custom Micro Products who were later acquired by Newmark Security becoming Grosvenor Technology. Since 1999 Ben's roles have included Head of Professional Services, Special Projects Manager, Technical Consultant and Support Engineer. He has a background in instrumentation and electronics in the nuclear and defence industries.

            What do you enjoy most about your job?

            I enjoy the challenge of finding simple and efficient solutions to complex customer needs; utilising new technologies for our customers across a variety of languages, countries and cultures. It is also satisfying when the product knowledge, experience or troubleshooting skills of my team develop solutions to resolve incumbent solution dissatisfaction and maintain high-quality evolving solutions receiving positive customer feedback.

            What inspires you?

            New technologies, teamwork and determination; especially when these all come together to bring solutions that enable our customers to deliver time and cost savings for their end users. I used to play both Rugby and Cricket at and have coached both and captained the latter I currently coach the youth section of my local rugby club.

              Harry Blethyn – Head of Professional Services, Access Control

              Harry has been working at Grosvenor Technology since May 2007 having joined following graduation from Portsmouth University where he studied Computer Science.

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              As head of the Access Control Professional Services team, Harry manages the technical help desk along with the training teams and leads on Technical pre-sales and special projects. He writes bespoke integrations for the Enterprise level JANUS and Sateon systems and is heavily involved with the Development Roadmap team; providing input on the future and direction of our product range.

              What do you enjoy most about your job?

              Making the customers’ weird and wonderful integration ideas become a reality; it’s always so satisfying to work for an agile company that can help make their ideas come to life.

              What inspires you?

              Emerging technologies in science and computing; seeing what is possible and the new and fascinating technologies encourages me to keep learning.

              When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

              I love being outdoors; particularly rock climbing and hiking.