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Our People

Meet the team behind Grosvenor Technology

We pride ourselves on the talented individuals that make the Grosvenor difference; from Operations through Sales and Development we work collaboratively to deliver much more than just secure, smart environments.

Colin Leatherbarrow – Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for both Human Capital Management and Access Control lines of business, Colin manages a global technical team.



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Colin has been in the Fire and Security Industry for over 30 years and has enjoyed roles spanning software development, product and service development and ownership of a multi-million pound P&L. He has gleaned experience in smaller, agile organisations, then complemented this with best practice from Multi-National-Corporations when his company was acquired by Chubb Fire and Security and subsequently by the global corporation United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Without a doubt, working with a diverse group of employees, stakeholders and customers with differing, competing but equally valid perspectives and priorities, and then working openly, positively and collaboratively with that group to bring market-leading products and services to market.

What inspires you?

The creative implementation of technology to enhance life on both a personal and business level. Our safety, security, and productivity are all enhanced with the application of technologies developed by businesses such as Grosvenor. Additionally, the pace of positive change driven by technology never fails to both amaze and inspire me.

When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

I am very proud to have five wonderful children which have very much been the main focus of my personal time over the last 27 years, however, on the odd occasion I find some spare time I enjoy dancing with my wife; Karen. We are also lucky to live on the footstep of the Jurassic Isle in Dorset, so we regularly walk the Dorset coastline with the odd stop at a pub of course! On a more solitary level, I also enjoy open water swimming, am a bit of petrol head and am constantly experimenting with the latest gadgets including my collection of Raspberry Pi's.

    Alan Burgess – Principal Engineer

    Alan has been working at Grosvenor Technology for nearly 26 years; he is one of the original founders and now works with the team in Stansted as our Principal Engineer.

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    Prior to Grosvenor Alan worked for, amongst others, BAE Systems and BT and so is experienced in telecommunication, computer networks, computer maintenance, electronic and software design and the implementation.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    I really enjoy designing and creating the new products and knowing that our products are being used in prestigious places around the world.

    What inspires you?

    I am inspired by the ever-changing technologies we are witness to and how they allow you to do things once only dreamt of.

    When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

    I love to travel and enjoy seeing varied architecture, wildlife and nature. I’ve travelled widely but my favourite places have to be The Alps, Italy and the Caribbean. When I’m not travelling, I have a keen interest in astronomy, cosmology and science project such as space probes, the large Hadron Collider etc.

      Ben Lagden – Head of Product

      Ben has been with Grosvenor Technology since 1999. Over this extensive time, he has worked in other roles within the business including Head of Embedded Platforms, Head of Professional Services, Special Projects Manager, Technical Consultant and Head of HCM Product.

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      Before joining Grosvenor Technology, his background was in engineering for the Ministry of Defence, Atomic Energy, and later with Telxon, a data capture manufacturer for the retail industry. With over 20 years of HCM industry experience, he brings a unique blend of in-depth industry knowledge from both a technical and commercial perspective.

      What do you enjoy most about your job?

      Our flexibility and agility, we can uniquely deliver precisely what the market and our customers require. I enjoy the challenge of finding efficient and straightforward solutions to complex customer needs; utilising new technologies for our customers across a variety of languages, countries, and cultures. It is so satisfying when creativity combined with product knowledge and experience within our business repeatedly brings to the market innovative and unique solutions that resolve incumbent dissatisfaction.

      What inspires you?

      New technologies, teamwork, and determination, especially when these all come together to bring solutions that deliver time and cost savings for our customers. When not at work you may well find me on a remote beach of our beautiful coastline fishing or photographing our outstanding landscapes or night skies.