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  1. Access Control in Movies

    Good Access Control is seamless, so most of us interact with it on a regular basis without even thinking about it. We probably notice Access…

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  2. How we are getting back to work in the office

    As restrictions around the pandemic are lifted, companies will come across many challenges as they integrate employees back to the workplace. At Grosvenor Technology we…

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  3. Access Control training available with Grosvenor Technology

    At Grosvenor Technology we don’t just provide market-leading Access Control solutions, we also offer comprehensive training on these solutions, for free. We design and engineer…

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  4. Honeywells Galaxys integration with Janus C4

    We want to make sure that anyone who uses Janus C4 gets so much more than just door alarms and key fobs. Janus C4 offers…

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  5. Janus C4s Integration with Hikvision cameras

    When it comes to Janus C4, one of the most important features is the ability to integrate with various leading security devices. Today we want…

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  6. Grosvenor Technology, a staple of British Access Control

    Grosvenor Technology is a market-leading manufacturer of Access Control and Human Capital Management Solutions, helping businesses increase security, reduce risk and lower operational costs for…

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  7. The modular design and installation of Janus C4

    Access control can be an incredibly powerful asset for you and your employees. We do understand that there may be concerns about the ease of…

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  8. Our own installation of Janus C4 in our Poole office

    When it came to getting our own team back into the office safely, we recognized there was already inherent functionality within Janus C4 that could…

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  10. Security features of Janus C4

    When it comes to Janus C4, we have been talking about occupancy control, ease of installation and modular design. However, in this blog, we want…

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