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  1. Biometrics is in the eye of the media. Should we really be worried?  

    Unless you have been residing in a dark cave for the past 12 months you can’t help but have read about the challenges facing companies…

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  2. Data is the new oil, but drilling for it may have unintended consequences.

    I read with interest Newmark Security’s CEO Marie-Claire Dwek’s post last week on data being the new oil and it led me to consider that…

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  3. Data protection and edge computing is a brave, new, exciting world for some…

    …we’ve been doing it for 30 years. In 1989 Grosvenor Technology, part of Newmark Security, introduced the world’s first access control system that operated in…

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  4. OLD Sateon Advance Training Videos

    We believe that a picture tells a thousand words and our videos can help get you started with the Sateon Advance product.

  5. Sateon Advance Training

    We deliver engaging and educational courses, developed with you in mind, generating confidence and a thorough understanding of our products and access control’s fundamental principles.…

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  6. Sateon Advance Training – Design and Installation Course


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  9. Janus C4 Training – Design and Installation Course


  10. Janus C4 Training – Foundation Course