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Sateon Advance – 25 Years Of Software Evolution

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Advance is cost effective and ideal for single door sites, yet scalable for global enterprise estates. Your ambitions will never outgrow our capabilities.



Sateon Advance Software 3.3

Sateon Advance Software

Streamlined process cuts configuration time to just 4 clicks 27 less than our leading competitor.

Capable of switching to Expert mode should the site require additional functionality.

Configure the system in just 4 minutes, 3 minutes faster than our leading competitor.

Multitasker – perform more actions in the background with just one click.

Slick not thick – based on our competitive Sateon platform, but faster than ever.




Using a 100% browser-based solution means all system configuration and administrative tasks can be done from any PC on the network so you can work in a convenient, familiar and highly user-friendly environment.

Being browser-based also means there is no need for software to be installed on users’ PCs, cutting out the need for a lengthy installation process and dependency on the IT department, saving server space, time, need for ongoing IT support from your own IT department and most importantly cost.

Sateon Enterprise Large Scale Access Control

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