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Sateon Advance – Flexible & Scalable Access Control

Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility was one of the key drivers in the development of Sateon Advance, so we have created a solution that overcomes the typical challenges faced by our customers from specification, installation, right through to maintenance and support.

The Sateon Advance range consists of two controller variants that support either one or four blades.

Scalable Access Control

Both controllers can be used on the same system so you can select the right set-up for each part of your system. For example, Single-Blade Controllers can be located by doors to minimise cable runs and come with an integrated enclosure as standard. Alternatively, you may find it easier to place a centralised Multi-Controller in the riser cupboard and run cabling to the doors. There is a controller to suit every installation and both Single and Multi-blade Controllers can be deployed on the same project.

POE and RS485 Compatible Sateon Access Control

Sateon Advance controllers support IP and RS-485 as standard so if you’re specifying an upgrade to an existing site with cable infrastructure already in place, there’s no need to start from scratch. Simply swap out any legacy controllers with Sateon Advance without having to replace existing cabling- Saving time, money and disruption for your client.

Sateon Advance facilitates RS-485 communication using a master-slave configuration – with one master controller connected to your network via IP that supports up to a further 15 slave controllers.

Or maybe you have a new build that means you can utilise the existing Cat 5 Cabling. No problem, Sateon Advance Controllers switch between RS 485 communication and IP with a single mouse click. In conclusion, you will always have the right hardware for the job, no matter how much space, cabling and time is available.

Ultimate Scalability

Advance is cost effective and ideal for single door sites, yet scalable for global enterprise estates. Your ambitions will never outgrow our capabilities. Need to add a door to a site? Just grab a blade and snap it into the Multi-Controller. Need more inputs or outputs? Just snap an I/O blade into place- It’s that simple. Scalable Access Control made easy.



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