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Software Support Agreements

Our Software Support Agreements (SSAs) will ensure that your systems and end-users are covered by the best support in the industry.


Grosvenor Technology’s Software Support Agreements compliment any Access Control* installation and enhance long-term customer satisfaction. This new software support agreement brings a great opportunity for end-users to obtain world-leading support of Access Control directly from the manufacturer.   


What are SSAs?

Support agreements are designed to offer additional assistance and support for troubleshooting systems on occasions when there may be issues, as well as offering advice and support on the composition and features available within a system. Support agreements also provide access to version and firmware upgrades of the software installed.

The comprehensive agreement is available via our installation partners and lays out how we offer support to our end-user community should they require assistance with the operation and use of their Access Control system.


Why purchase an SSA?

Priority to experienced support team

Entitled to all software and firmware upgrades free of charge

Compliments installation and enhances long-term customer satisfaction

Dedicated phone support


Warranty Period – Software

We offer a 12-month warranty for our software. The warranty period begins from the date the site is first issued with a Janus C4 licence to gain unlimited access to the software. During this 12-month period, sites will be entitled to receive free software upgrades. These upgrades include firmware upgrades, service packs for existing releases, and new versions of software that may contain new or additional functionality.

On expiration of the 12-month warranty period, all upgrades (software and/or firmware) will only be offered with a valid support agreement (SSA).  The warranty period covers software and/or firmware upgrades. No end user support is offered with the warranty and end users must purchase an SSA to receive support directly from Grosvenor Technology.



How to purchase an SSA?

For pricing and further information about our SSAs, please contact your installer, our Sales Team, or your local Account Manager.

For more information, download our SSA document that clearly shows how we support you, your business, and your access control solution.

Support Contact Info:

+44 (0)1279 838 000


*Our support agreements are available to purchase with Janus C4 and Sateon Advance. For information on our Legacy support agreements, please speak to your account manager.

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