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Human Capital Management Support

With a dedicated specialist in-house project team, you’ll have one point of contact to manage your project from start to finish.

We will collaborate with you during implementation to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard and once the terminal is on the wall, we’ll provide remote support and assistance for as long as you need us.

Read on to find out more about our Professional Services team and the expertise available to you:

World-class knowledge

Our support and development teams have years of experience in the time and attendance industry.

Utilising this experience we understand your business, which allows us to pinpoint your requirements and issues enabling fast delivery and resolution.

Global reach

With offices in the UK, USA, UAE and Hong Kong, you can be sure we’ll have one of our expert engineers on hand right when you need it.

Our remote support, diagnostic and monitoring tools will gather all the information needed before escalating, if necessary, seamlessly to a specialist within our global team.

Industry leading remote support

Our terminal specific remote support and diagnostic platform, AssistIT, can view, monitor and resolve issues on your devices anywhere in the world.

Your engineers can also take advantage of this game changing platform providing huge savings avoiding costly site visits.

Simple integration

Whether it’s via our Custom Exchange middleware or implementation of our web services, we have highly configurable and flexible standard terminal applications offering commonly requested functionality.

Giving you all the benefits of our advanced terminal range with a simple no hassle integration.

Fast development

Our experienced development team, along with our rich application-programming interface (API), allow us to focus on your specific requirements.

We will develop the logic, flow and data interface, while historically complex aspects such as localisation, reader integration, biometric management and GUI design, are managed on our scalable, intelligent and flexible platform.

Human Capital Management Support

To read more about our products please visit our Human Capital Management Solutions or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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