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Our dedicated in house project team will
support from specification throughout
installation and for the life of your system

Workforce Management

With an advanced range of clocks and terminals,
we offer the hardware and support to ensure
efficiency is maximized and costs are reduced.

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IT Series Workforce Management

Custom solutions that grow
with your global workforce

 We are Grosvenor Technology  – Provider of Time Clock Solutions

We are a market leader in global time clocks and time & attendance solutions – with more than 25 years of creating innovative T&A solutions, with dedicated technical support here in the USA.

We deliver much more than just punch clocks and time and attendance terminals; we create bespoke solutions tailored to an organization’s HR and HCM working practices and our Software Partners’ aspirations.

Our product offering encompasses hardware, software and IP-based products and services for Software Partners and customers of all sizes from all sectors. We pride ourselves in forming long-lasting relationships with our clients, creating custom built products and development paths tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our advanced range of time clocks and terminals ensure businesses can manage their workforces in a non-evasive manner, whilst enabling real-time reporting for informed decisions relating to safety, security, and effectiveness of their workforce.

Our assistance extends right from the scoping stage and thru a time clock’s entire life cycle. Some of these services are designed to wow, whilst others work behind the scenes to extend the life of your time clock and reduce operating costs.


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Our clocks and terminals are about more than just clocking in and out.  We offer the hardware and support to ensure that efficiency is maximized and costs are reduced within any organization.

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