Michael O’Leary- Chief Executive at Ryanair finds himself in a situation as uncomfortable as a Ryanair cabin- Dale Kaszycki, Group Markeitng Manager.

I’m talking about the catastrophic administrative error that has led to 30,000 passengers being stranded. So first up, here’s a summary of the situation which is unfolding as I sit at my desk, conveniently located at the end of the runway at reporter-infested London Stansted Airport.

The not so low-cost airline

Michael O’Leary stated the beleaguered airline will cancel 40-50 flights a day until November, disrupting the business meetings and Eastern European stag parties of 30,000 travelers. The root cause has now been confirmed as a botched holiday roster that has left the airline without enough staff to operate their 2,200 daily flights. Whilst it hardly means the runway outside my office window has fallen silent, it does mean the media is predicting £17.5m in compensation and £5m in operational costs for the boys (and girls) in blue. Shares have fallen by 3% (at time of writing), reducing their £18bn value by £500m. They are at risk of reducing their punctuality record below 50% (which incurs additional fines) and the loss of goodwill (which is something I have never associated with the brand) will be calculated in due course. Finally, there is also speculation that even if it does manage to buy back holiday from pilots, strict aviation ruling means that pilots can only work a set number of hours to cover for their colleagues.

Not all of this debacle can be blamed upon a rota, as Mr. O’Leary also stated, “We can confirm that 140 pilots have joined Norwegian from Ryanair this year…” after Norwegian Air opened its operation in Dublin.

The Pitch

If only there were a means of keeping staff engaged no matter where they are in the world. The good news is Grosvenor Technology’s human capital management time clocks could solve both Ryanair’s rota and retention issues with HTML5 intuitive terminals that motivate as well as they protect minimum staffing levels.

Our collaborative specification process is designed to highlight industry-specific parameters like a pilot’s minimum flying hours, their route and schedules then build a solution that enables self-booking within the strict rigors demanded by an airline. Minimum staff levels, broken down by cabin crew members, pilots and co-pilots could easily be monitored automatically without any intervention from HR or operational staff. Our most recent terminal- the GT-10 is based on an Android 6 platform, which means organisations can select standard applications from off the shelf, then divert their remaining budget to bespoke applications that further ensure business continuity, streamlined HR processes and maybe even motivational videos featuring Mr. O’Leary that appear on a GT-10 before pilots even consider filling out that job application for Norwegian Air.

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