As part of Grosvenor’s ongoing commitment to offering Grosvenor Technology customers the latest features and security patches, we have released updated firmware for our IT series human capital management clocks (IT11, IT31, IT51).


Updating firmware to gain additional features, capabilities, bug fixes and security improvements helps prevent products from becoming obsolete and maintain their competitive value.

  • Increases productivity and capability.
  • Keeps you a step ahead of your competition.
  • Addresses security exploits and aids compliance to regulatory requirements.
  • De-risks incompatibility and data loss issues.
  • Saves time and money.


  • Significantly supporting the maintenance and improvement of customer security, data integrity and compliance.
  • Seamless operation with the latest 3rd party software applications.
  • Improved user experiences for both admin personnel and end users.
  • Ability to integrate additional 3rd party hardware solutions.
  • Improved WIFI capability (where applicable).
  • Applied fix for the recently discovered WiFI KRACK vulnerability.

Click here for the release notes and to validate patch compatibility.