Security and attendance solutions provider, Grosvenor Technology is pleased to announce it has entered into yet another time clock supply agreement, this time with WorkForce Software, LLC and its UK subsidiary. WorkForce Software is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions headquartered in the US.

Grosvenor Technology will supply WorkForce Software globally, through sales and leasing, with its IT51 Linux based human capital management terminal. Available as the WorkForce 5000, the IT51 data collection terminal will enable WorkForce Software customers to improve business efficiency and facilitate greater employee satisfaction through accurate time tracking and streamlining HR tasks like self-service holiday bookings. In addition, Grosvenor Technology will provide WorkForce Software with a range of remote support tools on an ‘as a service’ basis to reduce their operating cost and time spent managing a vast global timeclock estate. It’s Grosvenor’s ability to reduce their client’s cost of maintaining a global terminal estate that continues to attract new partners. By offering a range of solutions, from remote diagnostics and recovery to biometric template management, global partners like Workforce Software can benefit from lower running costs, less downtime and virtually eradicate costly visits to site by relying on Grosvenor’s ‘As a Service’ tools that are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, said:
“Adding a new data collection terminal gives our customers greater flexibility and choice. The ten-inch touch screen makes it easy for employees to access schedules, review time, and receive messages right from the terminal. Our partnership with Grosvenor Technology also provides additional badge reader options and the ability to install outdoors, even in extreme temperatures. WorkForce Software is excited to work with Grosvenor Technology as we meet the needs of our customers around the globe.”

Andy Rainforth, Managing Director of Grosvenor Technology, added:
“We have been working with WorkForce Software for over three years and their continued confidence in Grosvenor Technology is testament to our customer-specific, tailored approach. The appeal to WorkForce Software wasn’t simply the functionality, capability and robust performance of our hardware, but the agile development methodology approach we adopt, which allows their end customers to receive a seamless end-to-end experience due to the deep and rich integration both businesses have worked towards.

“Our US and UK bases were also a perfect fit for their client base across North America and EMEA and we already remotely support many end user installations in the Far East and APAC, which are growing regions for WorkForce Software.

“We have developed a number of tools to remotely manage complex estates of terminals, or time clocks, as they are traditionally known, and we are able to help our clients diagnose and recover hardware without requiring costly site visits and minimising down-time.”

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