Dale Kaszycki asks- Have you heard that the original Windows © based access control platform- Janus is retiring after over 25 years of service?

It was adopted in its Siteguard and NTEC guises by the industry’s largest installation companies and went on to protect some of the world’s most prestigious organizations with over 10,000 sites protected globally. Following this announcement, partners and End Users can no longer obtain system support for legacy software and hardware without an Extended Support Agreement (ESA), which is the only means of gaining Grosvenor Technology support for legacy platforms.

The rationale lies in Microsoft’s decision to cease 32-bit operating system support back in 2015. Combine this with 25-year-old hardware that is becoming harder to procure and the cost of maintaining a Janus system starts to creep up.

In less important news- you may have also heard that British motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has also retired from public life last week after a career that spans 66 years behind the steering wheel and pundit’s microphone. I can draw a few comparisons between the two retirements, and whilst the word ‘opportunity’ is not one you normally associate with retirement, it seems quite pertinent here.

Opportunity, not Pipe and Slippers

When Sir Stirling first hung up his F1 helmet in 1961 he opened up a space on the grid for a younger, hungrier fledgling to take his seat. He also had a range of options in TV, film, and publishing to supplement his off-track income. Similarly, Janus’ retirement is opening additional opportunities for the next generation and Sateon is waiting to jump into the still-warm seat. Sateon is the most cost-effective means of ensuring the continuity of an organization’s legacy system and is the culmination of over two decades of Janus experience in a fully featured, contemporary solution.

But this is where the term ‘opportunity’ really gets interesting and is a great example of how anyone can benefit when an industry stalwart retires. As I mentioned before, there’s potentially over 10,000 sites out there that are just waiting for a solution that extends the life of their access control system. Just as one door closes, another opens, and it’s one you may want to step through. Our Janus Upgrade Path is cost-effective, non-disruptive and requires very little effort for installers to implement. Anyone who knows of a Janus, Siteguard or NTEC site that is looking to avoid the cost of an ESA or the disruption of a completely new access control system can simply download our Upgrade Metrics Tool.

It allows Grosvenor’s Professional Services Team to understand the size and complexity of the site and offer an accurate quotation. From there, we can schedule a convenient time to upgrade, which can typically be carried out by our Professional Services Team in just one day and in most cases, requires no hardware installation.

Retirement often signifies the end, but in this scenario, it actually creates new opportunities for Grosvenor Technology Partners who can utilize the Janus Upgrade Path to support Legacy sites and generate additional revenue streams. But here’s the caveat- The upgrade path will end in October 2018. There’s no time to lose, so get yourself in the running for the thousands of opportunities that are out there and download the metrics tool today.