Sateon Solutions

Simple to Use, Fully Supported

Sateon Access Control is far more than just a means of protecting people and assets. It can deliver full building automation and improve internal efficiencies.

Our wide range of integrations ensures your access control system is working in harmony with your other building management and HR systems creating safe, hassle-free environments.

Sateon Access Control boasts a full range of end user features designed to deliver a safe automated and low energy environment. Whether it’s a small office with only a few doors or multiple building complexes, we will have a solution to meet your needs.

Sateon offers:

End Users

Simple to use

  • Fast
  • Intuitive
  • Various language options available, including Spanish


  • Full control of access rights
  • Visitor management
  • In-depth reporting
  • Interactive maps
  • Fire muster reporting
  • Picture application

Improves administration efficiency

  • Smart enrollment and database sync
  • Supports HR and CSR policies

Can be accessed from any PC or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Always up to date with the latest features.

Resilient, proven technology.

No hidden extras or costly license agreements.


Scalable Sateon solutions from 2 doors to global multi-site locations with thousands of doors

SQL open architecture ensures Sateon can collect and output data to a wide range of data sources with ease, including;

  • Fire
  • CCTV
  • 3rd party databases, including HR records

Minimized environmental impact through BMS and energy management integration, creating low energy environments.

Versatile open architecture.

Low life cycle cost

  • Install
  • Intuitive Operation which reduces staff support

Future proof

  • Healthy development plan
  • Always up to date
  • Scalable


Full support

  • Training
  • Onsite support
  • Report global support

Low installation cost

Plug and play connectivity; getting you onto that next job sooner

PoE for rapid installation

Compatible with industry standard hardware

Supports all modern card and reader technologies

Rapid deployment with minimal IT support

Sateon Diagram

The interactivity of Sateon delivers numerous benefits to end users. For instance, forced door messages are sent directly from Sateon to the specific CCTV camera to monitor the event in question and help take corrective action sooner. New employees are automatically enrolled with their individual access privileges thanks to integration with third-party HR databases, thus reducing duplication of tasks for HR and Security. A new employee can arrive for their first day and be guided to their relevant floor while lights and air conditioning automatically switch off as they leave at the end of their working day.


End Users


Whether you are looking to replace your existing access control system or install a new one, Sateon’s unique features make it perfect for both large and small organizations.

The system is fully scalable across multiple sites, and all modern reader and card technologies are supported which enables ease of migration.

Third Party Integration

Sateon can be integrated with other third-party systems allowing it to become an integral part of an organization’s I.T infrastructure and processes; many businesses rely on Sateon to increase productivity, improve workflow and to link to their HR records creating a smart, safe, secure environment.

Sateon can be easily integrated with third-party security solutions enforcing much more than access control. For example, alarm events can be relayed via VMS systems and create a central point for management of your estate. Send access control events to other security systems and receive alarm events and live video directly into Sateon.

Use navigable graphic maps with animated alarm icons to help pinpoint incidents and automatically send alarms and events to email and SMS.

Enjoy increased control and as well as improved efficiency and savings in both time and money.

With an ever growing list of integrations with third party security systems including CCTV, elevators, fire panels, intruder alarms, offline locks and databases our team will work with you to provide a flexible solution suitable for your requirements.

Future Proof

Grosvenor Technology’s experience with class leading JANUS and Siteguard access control products provide a foundation for a smart, intuitive and secure system.

Couple this with our clear development path for features and integrations and you can be certain that you have an access control solution that is always up to date with the latest features.

Simple support packs that are tailored to each client allow us to grow with your organization whilst Sateon can easily be expanded to incorporate additional doors which can even include additional sites overseas.


If your power or network fails, Sateon won’t.

Sateon EZ Door Controllers can store up to 64,000 cardholders and buffer up to 4,000 events offline meaning security is not compromised. Once your network is back up, the EZ IDC will send all events to the Sateon database so that nothing gets missed.

Slick User Experience

The Sateon user experience is slick and incredibly intuitive. Sateon’s industry-leading features allow you to undertake multiple tasks including printing ID badges, generating management reports, managing alarms, setting specific sounds for different incidents, scheduling backups, reports, and administering cards; all from the click of a button.

Being browser-based also means end users can work in a familiar environment that is both easy and convenient.

IT departments will appreciate Sateon’s ease of integration with dedicated support and no server requirement.

Maximize efficiency with graphical maps: All doors and alarm devices can be represented as animated icons that help you to pinpoint exactly what has taken place.

Alarm icons show real-time state information about your doors and devices so you can tell at a glance if an event has occurred, giving you the time to make quicker decisions to protect people and property.

Card and Token Administration

Sateon has a highly intuitive user interface for administering card and token holder data. Cardholders can be given their own individual access rights, governed by day/time or you can create groups which will apply rules to multiple people; all managed seamlessly from the Personnel Hub.

There are no limits to the number of groups and combinations or access rules that can be applied.

Take Gateway College for example. Allocating specific access rights to students wanting to access bike sheds allowed Gateway College to halt any vandalism and damage to bikes which saved them time in dealing with angry students and money cleaning up any mess.

Time Patterns

The ability to program access to make buildings smart and safe is supported by the introduction of graphical tools designed to make the visualization and programming of any number of time patterns easy and tailored to the occupant’s demands. These can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly or on a graphical timeline.

Temporary Token Flow

The administrative hassle and uncertainty of lost tokens is eradicated, thanks to our temporary token workflow that automatically deactivates lost cards when temporary replacements are issued. This reduces administrative processes and ensures missing tokens do not compromise security.

Assign Panels to Time Zones

Is your panel in a different time zone to your communications engine? Although not common, we understand this situation does occur. Sateon has the ability to allow all panels to be assigned time zones, recording events in local time.

System Integrators

PSIM/BACnet Integration

Speak to countless devices and third party databases, thanks to improved PSIM/BACNET functionality.

This function allows Sateon objects to be presented and viewed in a BACnet environment with control over which types of objects are displayed.

Information like the number of people in an area or whether a door has been forced is also presented through Sateon.

Simplex Fire Panel Interface

Full integration into third-party security solutions such as Simplex fire panels means Sateon works with more industry standard architecture than ever before.

Events and state changes from the Simplex fire panel or any of its associated monitoring points are passed to Sateon and displayed in the Control Centre with the status of the fire panel and associated alarms shown.

The panel and alarms can be managed simply with actions such as acknowledging, silencing and resetting alarms.

Wireless Lock Integration

Our integration into wireless locks dramatically reduces the cost and time associated with installing hard-wired projects.

Comms Engine Firmware Manager

The Firmware Manager application within the BCCS Diagnostic Tool has a facility to retrieve the latest panel firmware from Grosvenor Technology.

The application also allows the firmware to be downloaded to a range of panels and full diagnostic information is provided as the panels are being downloaded.

Connection Strings in Central Store

All of the database connection strings are managed from one location in the Sateon database. The data stored allows you to specify the name of the database, the host database server and the name of the instance making configuration easier.

Card Designs Stored in Database

All of the card designs are stored within the Sateon database, reducing the administrative overhead for upgrades.

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