Latest Software Release

We pride ourselves on providing access control solutions which improve efficiency for both our end users and additional opportunities for our system integrators. With an easy-to-use interface and an increasing number of integrations, Sateon 2.9 will undoubtedly improve efficiency for all involved.

System Integrators

Sateon brings a host of features which improve the efficiency and productivity of our system integrators. Allowing you to upgrade customers quickly and easily with our intuitive migration tool and increasing your opportunities with our third party integrations, notably our SALTO and Aperio wireless locks opening you to the burgeoning offline lock market.

Wireless Lock Integration
Our latest integration with SALTO and Aperio wireless locks opens Sateon into the burgeoning wireless market and increases our Integrators’ chances of winning large hotel and education projects. We have achieved this by dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with hard-wired projects, allowing Integrators to install systems with a large number of doors in a shorter amount of time.
More Features For Your Customer
Sateon 2.9 brings a host of benefits designed to make your customers’ lives easier thanks to features enabling faster administration, monitoring and response times. Additional functionality like our Faces identification module, Temporary Token Flow and auto log out offer an additional layer of low-cost security.

Access Control Users

The latest software release brings many benefits designed to make securing a building easier and is now compatible with Windows 10. Our intuitive new interface is designed to display all vital information in one place with features that enable faster response times, monitoring and administration.

We’ve introduced new functionality including timed auto log-out, a Faces identification module and refined Personnel Hub in addition to the Temporary Token Flow and improved Search features. Buildings that were previously too expensive to secure can now be controlled wirelessly on the same system, without the need for costly hard wiring.

Personnel Hub
With the ease of use in mind, we have created an all new Personnel Hub which allows you manage personnel, tokens and department data all in one place. For example, you can now edit personnel photos in one step, resizing, cropping and saving photos easily.
Improved Search
We have redeveloped our search functionalities to allow you to easily find access groups, factoring in a number of parameters so you can identify individuals in the most efficient way.
Batch updates for access management and privileges
You can now update the access rights and privileges for access groups, i.e. an entire department, in a batch. This reduces repetitive administration time and improves the efficiency of running your organisation.
Improved token diagnostics
Sateon 2.9 brings improved token diagnostics, allowing security staff to see why a token has been declined at a glance. This reduces the amount of time security staff spend identifying problems and means that the appropriate response can be deployed quickly.
The auto-logout feature adds an extra layer of security to your access control system, logging users out of the Sateon platform after a set amount of time.

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