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  1. Colin Leatherbarrow – Technical Director

    As Technical Director for both Human Capital Management and Access Control lines of business, Colin manages a global technical team.  

  2. Matt Smith appointed to VP of Sales

    As we continue to see our business grow in North America we are delighted to announce an increase in resource specifically dedicated to serving our…

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  3. Workforce Software Chooses Grosvenor

    Security and attendance solutions provider, Grosvenor Technology is pleased to announce it has entered into yet another time clock supply agreement, this time with WorkForce…

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  4. V3.1 Firmware Released For IT Series Time Clocks

    As part of Grosvenor’s ongoing commitment to offering Grosvenor Technology customers the latest features and security patches, we have released updated firmware for our IT…

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  5. “The Force is strong with this one… “

    Andy Rainforth, Managing Director asks- As Xi Jinping begins his second term as China’s Communist Party General Secretary would anyone bet against him serving a…

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  6. €20,000,000 for a fingerprint

    Mark Knight, Director of Product, provides an early predicition for what to expect when GDPR comes into force in May, 2018.   Here at Grosvenor…

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  7. time clocks helping Ryanair schedule holiday rotas

    Mayday, Mayday

    Michael O’Leary- Chief Executive at Ryanair finds himself in a situation as uncomfortable as a Ryanair cabin- Dale Kaszycki, Group Markeitng Manager. I’m talking about…

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  8. Stuck in the Middle With You

    Andy Rainforth asks: Is the time right for manufacturers to bypass distribution and establish trading relationships directly with the installers of their products? In Britain,…

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  9. China Pig

    Given I work in North America every few weeks, I don’t know why I still find the 24-hour rolling news hysteria surprising. Every time you…

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  10. We’ll see you there, HR Tech!

    HR Tech is one of the biggest exhibitions for the HR market,  which is why Grosvenor Technology will be exhibiting on  booth 2364.  The show…

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