As Technical Director for both Human Capital Management and Access Control lines of business, Colin manages a global technical team.


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Colin has been in the Fire and Security Industry for over 30 years and has enjoyed roles spanning software development, product and service development and ownership of a multi-million pound P&L. He started his career in small and agile developer business which was acquired by Chubb Fire and Security and subsequently by the global corporation United Technologies Corporation (UTX). Colin says his career has given him a powerful perspective of operating in both a small agile business and a matrix based corporate. Throughout his career, Colin has had a blend of both commercial and technical roles, this past experience offers him a great perspective when balancing technical and commercial priorities as it offers the opportunity to apply this experience and knowledge to an agile and technically adept business who have a reputation for product innovation and more importantly industry-leading products and services.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Without a doubt, working with a diverse group of employees, stakeholders and customers with differing, competing but equally valid perspectives and priorities, and then working openly, positively and collaboratively with that group to bring market-leading products and services.

What inspires you?

The creative implementation of technology solutions to enhance life on both a personal and business level. Our safety, security, and productivity are all enhanced with the application of technologies developed by businesses such as Grosvenor. Additionally, the pace of positive change driven by technology never fails to both amaze and inspire me.

When not at work how do you like to spend your time?

I am very proud to have five wonderful children which have very much been the main focus of my personal time over the last 27 years, however, on the odd occasion I find some spare time I enjoy dancing with wife Karen. We are also lucky to live on the footstep of the Jurassic Isle in Dorset, so we regularly walk the Dorset coastline with the odd stop at a pub of course! On a more solitary level, I also enjoy open water swimming and finally, I am a bit of petrol head and enjoy smart home technology, constantly experimenting with the latest gadgets including my collection of Raspberry Pi’s!