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Human Capital Management Development Options

Human Capital Management Development Options

While most terminal suppliers can tailor the way data is presented to a customer, we strive to ensure the means of achieving this is carried out in a way that suits you. Which is why we have produced a range of development paths to suit your organisation’s available resources.

A. Off the shelf

Our base package is ideal for those with limited development experience or limited features and comes with:

  • Real time clock in
  • In/out functionality
  • Break clock in
  • Department transfers
  • Absence recording and booking
  • Cost centre capture

B. Customised service

Our rapid development tools deliver exactly what your organisation needs with minimum time and effort.

Not only do we deliver a solution that works in harmony with how your business is run, we deliver it quickly and continue to support the terminal for as long as it is hung on the wall.

Enabling you to focus on the areas of your business that matter most.

C. Using your own resource

Whether you are using our off the shelf application or customised solution, we have a range of development methods to meet your needs. Any of the following options can save you time and effort when integrating with our human capital management terminals:

  • Cutting edge Grosvenor Technology web service
  • Scalable custom exchange middleware
  • Use your existing integration methods for added familiarity

Integration Options

We can also supply you with a range of integration choices to expand the use of your human capital management terminals, allowing you to develop bespoke software which integrates with your existing HR and IT services.

  • A rich and extensive API
  • Rapid development environment
  • Comprehensive expertise on hand
  • Kick start your development with our rapid development service




Pictured above: IT31, IT51 and IT11.

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