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Human Capital Management – GT Series

GT Series Terminals

The GT Series are the epitome of modern time clocks and the ideal edge devices for anyone seeking to improve employee engagement through a self-service HCM application.



The GT10 can readily accept any legacy data input method for end users wishing to use existing credentials but is equally capable of utilizing the latest biometric input methods such as facial recognition. If fingerprint technology is preferred, the proprietary GT Clocks application is able to dramatically improve the template count from the world’s leading biometric producers, enhancing their native offering to over 10,000 templates.
Available in Android or Linux operating system variants, with a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen and lightning-fast processing this device is designed with self-service at it’s heart. Far more than simply a clocking device, the GT10 can provide , two-way communication between any user and a modern HR system. Benefits and leave management, recruitment, staff training, and any number of HR core functions can be carried out directly from the device in real time.
Key Features

  • 10 inch capacitive colour touch screen
  • 5 megapixel camera and lightbars
  • Ability to surface complex ESS data on the terminal
  • Completely customisable interface
  • Display corporate videos, latest news and motivational messages
  • Integrated camera and light bars for facial detection/recognition
  • Proprietary biometric algorithm supports 10,000 fingerprint database
  • Power through POE or 12V DC Jack

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Android or Linux operating systems
  • Always On capability
  • Secure lockable case
  • Kiosk mode for restricted use applications



The IT31 was our top selling clock for many years and the GT4 carries the tradition of that device forward, with some impressive new features, aesthetic enhancements and performance improvements.
Destined to set the standard for Linux o/s based devices for years to come, the GT4 is the very best in mid-price hardware where lower cost does not mean sacrificing quality.
Key Features

  • 4.3 inch colour screen
  • Durable membrane keypad
  • Four USB ports
  • Power through POE or 12V DC Jack
  • Swipe, Proximity of Biometric reader options
  • Remote management available
  • 8 ‘soft’ function keys with nested menus
  • Wide range of readers including RFID and biometrics

Key Benefits

  • Biometric reader support prevents buddy punching
  • Expansion options through USB ports
  • Wide choice of reader technologies
  • Robust ABS plastic casing
  • Customisable key mat

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